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WVIU Personalities

WVIU Personalities

Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman

Owner / Host
Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman is, amongst many other things, the owner of WVIU, as well as a radio show host with 15+ years experience in radio broadcasting.  He is also the founder of Interfaith University and serves as the Chief Consultant for AMC Consultants.

Dr. Latricia Hoffman

Dr. Latricia Hoffman is a radio show hostess and educator that is dedicated to inspiring women to be better mothers, wives, and servants of the Lord.  She is also the founder of Interfaith Academy and the I.A. High School Graduation Program.

Tori "Tellem"

Station Manager / Hostess
Tori "Tellem" is a 19 year old singer/songwriter, rapper, dancer, actress, model and TV & radio show Hostess. She believes that music should come from the heart and that it should be inspired by God first and life experiences.